Humiston Woods Nature Center has several sites available for group gatherings and celebrations, at no charge.

User policies include the following:

Parking is available in the Center’s main lot, or the designated area at the Scout Camp. Parking near the pavilion is limited to 2 vehicles, with special permission.

Gates may be unlocked for delivery purposes or to accommodate special needs. Interior gates should be closed but unlocked during event. The main gate should remain open. The key must be returned to the director within 24 hours of the event.
There is no electric service at the pavilions or the gazebo.The well water has not been tested. A washstand (well water and biogedradeable soap) is available upon request at the pavilion site.

To preserve the integrity of the Nature Center, decorations should be simple ( no balloons, crepe paper, artificial petals, chalk, paint, or adding anything artificial to the environment please) and only be placed on man made structures. Chalkboard signs are available upon request. Additional seating or tables provided by the user are restricted to certain areas at each site. Catering arrangements should be cleared with the director. Cooking is allowed only at designated places.

Please stay on the trails and in the areas provided for the public. Making your own trails can damage or destroy sensitive habitats and plant life. Metal detecting and geocaching are prohibited.

We request that the site be restored to its original condition immediately after the event. Recycling and garbage containers are available in several locations in the Center. Removal of excessive garbage is greatly appreciated.

Please contact Ed Lipinski at 815-844-5831 for reserving a site or for more information.